September 001

George Todd is a retired philosophy professor from the University of Guelph. He took up teaching himself to paint as a defence mechanism, when, many years ago, students in his philosophy of art course would bristle, “Well what kind of art do you do?”  A semester in Walter Bachinsky’s foundation studio course at the University opened the door. For over ten years he struggled with nudes, paintings that is, with Corbett Gray’s group in Elora. In due course he exhibited at the Kloepfer, the Barber Gallery, the University Faculty Club and the Youth Music Center, but never nude paintings. And never while he was seconded to the University Fine Art Department as its Chairman. Meanwhile in his philosophical endeavours he strove to resolve the long-standing and persistent puzzle, “What is art”. Concluding that all previous attempts stemmed from a wrong assumption, he feels he has  discovered a defensible, and possibly true, if incomplete, resolution.