Jane Baran is pleased to announce the opening of her new art studio in the prestigious Kloepfer Gallery here in Guelph. She is currently exhibiting a few select pieces in her studio that celebrate the various methods of printmaking – Lino Block, Collographic Plate and Monoprints for example.
Ceramic pieces are also available, on display at all times.
Jane will be working in the studio most afternoons, Tuesday thru Friday.
(or by appointment during Gallery hours, just email or phone)
Check back to this website for current exhibitions and/or demonstrations in my Studio.

Imagination is an integral part of all aspects of my life; I delight in ‘thinking outside of the box’.

Creating a dimensional representation of something that ‘inspired-me-in-passing’ is what motivates the fascination I have with bringing an abstract idea into tangible existence. I see leaves caught in a whirlpool and it becomes the inspiration for the glazing of a ceramic bowl. I am saddened by the death of an armadillo, run over in traffic and tell this story using collographic printmaking.
I sit under a willow tree and watch the lilies on the pond float by and I capture these tranquil moments in an acrylic painting.

As a self-taught artist I have worked in textiles, ceramics, printmaking, pen and ink, oils, watercolours, acrylics and welcome the shared inspiration of creating a commissioned piece.

I was a member of Beaux-Arts Brampton Gallery, including Workshop Chair and Advertising Advisor for several years, www.beaux-artsbrampton.com.

Since moving to Guelph, I have become a member of the Guelph Art Council
www.guelpharts.ca/janebaran. I am also represented at www.torontoarts.ca.

Previous and Current Exhibits:

  • Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
  • John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto *
  • AWOL Gallery, Toronto *
  • The Peel Heritage Complex, Brampton *
  • Beaux-Arts Gallery, Brampton *
  • Brampton City Hall, Brampton
  • The Whitney Gallery, Brampton
  • Bovaird House, Brampton
  • Brampton Heritage Theatre, Brampton
  • Cyril Clarke Library, Brampton
  • Westminster Branch Library, Guelph
  • Wellington County Museum and Archives, Elora *
  • Riverside Glen, Guelph
  • Guelph Artisans, Guelph
  • Guelph Civic Museum, Guelph *
  • Guelph Creative Arts Association ‘Painting on the Green’
  • Kloepfer Gallery, Guelph

* indicates acceptance in a juried show