In addition to the main exhibition showing at the gallery Kloepfer has a rotating roster of local artists that show small numbers of pieces throughout the year.

Chris Evitts

“All the work starts and finishes in a murky nether region of my inner eye. One piece gurgles to the next; influences the next; becomes the next.I paint what I see.”

Margaret Peter

“I like to slightly abstract a drawing of an object or surface by emphasizing patterns and shapes through the use of colour and textures or by closely examining a small section of it.”

Trina Koster

Trina Koster Photography exists to help clients connect with and express something real and unique about themselves. For weddings, events and portraits, it means that Trina and her dynamic team of photographers pursue natural, in-the-moment images as well as those that are artistically posed.

Susan Lapp

My art and music are very closely related in that with both, I strive to create not the exactness of nature or notes, but a mood. Despite all of nature’s beauty, a delicate flower, a drop of water on a leaf after the rain, it is not a perfect image I try to paint, but an inner feeling – abstract, yet real. To look for something that isn’t there, yet creating an image in your mind.

KC Hornsby

Art Cards, Portraiture, Fine Art and Documentary Photography

Doris Pontieri

“Painting has been a lifelong passion of mine, beginning as a child watching my mother paint from her heart.

My approach to art is an emotional one. No pre-planning or sketching to ensure I don’t become restricted, which allows one brush stroke to determine the next. I try to put a little of myself onto each canvas, painting how things feel to me, rather than just how they look.”

Vanya Ryan

I remember when I was 5, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was ’an artist’, and that is the way it has always been. Though I can honestly say the reasons for my desire to be an artist have changed along the way, yet the strength of that conviction is my belief that it is who I am. I believe the art and the painter need to be true to that 5 year old (in that sense of wonder and future possibilities ahead).